The Twenty-Ninth Dream

There was a boy who had a dream

For every year his heart still beat,

And every year another dream

He added to his chest to keep.

In his chest his dreams did swim

With hopes or satisfactory grins.

Every dream could make amends

For doubts that tried to creep within.

A new, strong, and handsome dream

Was outside, waiting for the key;

To be let in, to dive its depths,

To give the boy another year’s breath.

Anticipation flooded his chest,

Beating and dreaming the days till best,

Until best came—which is today—

When on this day the grant was made.

Dream twenty-nine took its place

As twenty-eight others bowed in grace.

The newest nine moved in proud,

The twenty-ninth dream had left the ground.

Happy Birthday to my husband.

January 22, 2015


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One response to “The Twenty-Ninth Dream

  1. aripple

    as twenty-eight others bowed in grace…Love it! Happy Birthday, Matthew!

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