Who I am (abridged)

My name is Victoria Berry (Ripple). I was born February 21, 1989 in Austin, Texas at Seton Medical Center, and like my mother and father tell the story I was very ready and wasted no time in starting my adventure in this life. I was raised on the outskirts of the small town of Taylor, Texas, north east of Austin. I have two brothers, one older and one younger; we are all the best of friends. As a child growing up in the country any adventure is possible and I believe it helped shape the creative depths of my mind.

By the time I was ready for college, I always knew I wanted to study at one and only one University. I filled out one application to one major college and then held my breath for the next few months.  I didn’t pass out or even die and though I finally got that acceptance letter I don’t recommend holding your breath for that long. I am now  a graduate of The University of Texas. I walked away from that campus with a Bachelor of Arts English Degree and a priceless amount of classroom experience. Yes, it is true, I went to college to “party” in the classroom and I enjoyed every book I had to read and paper I had to write.

I am now married to my husband whom I met there on campus and I love to continue to feed my creativity and expand my knowledge through my own and other’s writings.

Each new morn I strive to be better than I was the day before. We must keep our eyes open and make those leaps to the next big opportunities ahead of us. As scary as life may get we must remember to live with purpose and not to hide in fear of the unknown. Keep up your confidence and just believe.

Carpe librum carpe diem!


P.S.  I am an avid book buyer, reader, hoarder, collector and I find great pleasure in sharing book knowledge. If you also am like me then please check out one of my favorite websites http://www.goodreads.com. It is totally free and great fun. You can find and add me under Victoria Berry (Ripple) in Round Rock, Texas. Enjoy!


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