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Keep On Singing

“Music-what a powerful instrument, what a mighty weapon!” –Maria von Trapp

Let song, let music fill your heart,

Flood your lungs,

Overflowing, it starts.

Springing forth from your tongue

Keep on singing,

The music’s begun.

Life is a song continually ringing,

Never cease to keep on singing.

Make it Joyful, make it Bright,

Give thick a smile of delight.

Join your brothers all around,

Keep on singing Life’s beautiful sounds.


How thankful I am God chose to play your song.

Thank you for singing loud and strong.

As we remember this day of your birth

Dance every day in your song of worth.

Happy Birthday


I love you




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Come Alive

Seek the treasure of your heart

Learn to tear the world apart

Flame and Flare ignite your mind

Give your feet the hope to find

Your soul, your soul, come alive


September 11, 2013

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Life (poems by Geraldine Gillespie and Victoria Rippleß)

To my mom

Andrea Lynne Ripple (Gillespie)

I wrote/compiled this for my mom almost a year ago. I still read this and celebrate the path of life she has journeyed and continues on. She is a blessing more than my words could ever express in this life and I thank God for her! There is no special occasion needed for a thankful daughter to praise her mother, and so I love you today, Thursday, August 29, 2013…and each day after!!!

The first poem was written by my Great Grandmother Geraldine Gillespie and is from her book of poetry, If You Can Walk With Me. She was a learner of art, music, and poetry, who studied at the Chicago Art Institute and was a free-lance designer in New York City. Although I never knew her, she has been an inspiration to my own writing and has encouraged me to pursue what I love!  



I know nothing remains

            the same

Each stair goes up

            and down.

There is a place

            and a pattern

Allotted each contender

            as an atom of now

Unfolds the unknown.

We reach beyond


And try to grasp

The changing sunlight


On the floor of living

As we strive to place


Within reach of reason.

-Geraldine Gillespie



Today we look back to celebrate


We CELEBRATE how it progressed

and changed,

And how it has not simply

            stayed the same.

For together, new and old

contenders be

Making joyful history.


You reached past

            your present time,

Giving heart to fading


Preparing the way for

sudden daylight

For strive you did indeed

To place those dreams

            in reach.


Victoria Rippleß 

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Disappointing Dreams

When dreams disappoint, hurting isn’t a choice

I lay myself bare, trying to get up where

Happiness is crowned, by hard work, found

I sweat, I bleed, in his company

Risking everything that means.


Then one day, while working away

Worry creeps in, from under my skin

“Is there something wrong?”

“Yes, yes there is…”


“You don’t belong…”


I cry

I scream

Don’t do this to me

My heart it aches

And I can’t sleep


Alone I’m left,

My heart in a mess…

I must decide

To start, to find

Without help

Without boy

To find my passion

Find my joy.

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She was a girl, wild and sweet
Given over to passion’s feet!

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August 13, 2013 · 10:44 pm



Long, long ago…
There was a small girl who lived on a field
within a home to ground not sealed.
It was not big or fancy stuff
but always found she had enough.

Cherish the childhood!!!

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August 13, 2013 · 10:41 pm

Father’s Day 2013






Victoria Berry


Written for my Ada,

Jeff Ripple.

I love you for being you,

an honest, loving, and giving father

in Christ.

Upon a long and narrow road a man journeyed far to lands unknown.

This man was called He who walked and never did you see Him stop.


The first of Lands was mean and dark, it had no soul, it had no heart,

But He who walked was not afraid, He kept on straight with love not faint.

The people there grew great with fear and called to gods of ancestral years,

“Help, a demon has come this way, give us the means to send him away.”

Within the center of the town He beckoned all to gather round.

None to help had come to them who called on idols in great sin.

Speaking loud with words of love, they fixed their eyes on things above.

Now the land His love, it changed, to sunny days, its soul was saved.

They cried with thanks from their new hearts and watched him on the road to part.


The second of Lands was sad and blue it hadn’t a single flower in bloom.

But He who walked was filled with joy, He gave delight like one small boy.

Its people downcast could not understand, “What joy could fill this full grown man?”

Without a single moment lost He gave their questions answers sought.

“The dragon is dead, the girl is won, the King, he summons everyone.”

The land broke out in song and dance, the flowers bloomed and called them blessed.

To the courts they made their way with joyful cries of blessed days.



The third of Lands was up in arms and called to war the smallest harms.

He who walked dared not fret for peace was shared with all He met.

But then so happened a girl to meet a brute that shamed her with a beat,

And when our man was walking nigh the brute broke down and began to cry.

This brute controlled all tyranny of which the land for years had seen,

Yet when he glimpsed at He who walked, he couldn’t continue without a thought.

“How can you walk in such a land and hold such peace within your hands?”

He who walked could see distress upon his face and knew words best.

“Peace to you and the land you rule, sin no more don’t be a fool.”

With those words the land was freed, the brute became a kindly king.


The fourth of Lands had short a fuse, its patience thin or none to use.

Ill-tempered men would lose their mind when bother came unto their side.

He who walked did not get mad, he kept his calm in troubles had.

And unto him a boy sure came, “Oh please dear sir teach me your way.

My father is a blacksmith here who loses temper so I fear.

I do not want to be his son who grows up like a man undone.”

Then He who walked said, “Follow me, watch my steps and you will see.”

Soon enough the boy was changed and turned those eyes in curious vein.

One by one the land was born into a new and glorious form.

The Man who walked had gone by now, his work was done within the town.


The fifth of Lands was foul and cruel for in each heart unkindness ruled.

Pride had taken like a root and caused each one hateful dispute.

He who walked was good and kind, seeking to renew old minds.

But fear was thick and He a foe who dared to uproot pride, and so,

Unto He who walked they scorned and dared not open up their door,

Until a haggard woman found the kindness of a Man not bound,

By fear or pride or darker deeds, all on which unkindness feeds.

She had been a vicious soul where times of hurt had taken toll.

Now tired from innumerable years of spiteful living caused by tears,

He who walked was sure that man who led her into Freedom’s hand.

Then the land stood still in awe for she had been meanest of all.

“If she can change than so must we, it seems quite pleasant to be free.”

So kindness crept into the ground of ready soil, grace to found.


The sixth of Lands had many poor, widows, and orphans on its door.

They were not cared for by a bit not even for mere clothes that fit.

When He who walked stepped in their realm his heart was heavy as it fell.

For goodness was His heart’s desire it burned within his soul like fire.

He gave to widows service lacked and unto orphans love’s impact,

And to the people of the land he called them forth to take a stand.

“Search the goodness within your heart, call it for a brand new start.”

House by house good virtue spread, till all the land was clothed and fed.


The seventh of Lands: unfaithful, untrue, all of its children disloyally grew.

The fields untended, homes split apart, no faithful steward, no faithful heart.

He who walked carried one small seed to plant in the land of dishonesty.

For small though it be in its right time greater than all it grows, sublime.

Uneasy at first the land did feel to have in its soil a measure of zeal.

With Water and Light the seed grew strong till faithful children raised in song,

“Days of dark now gone away faithfulness our vow to stay.”

Never did this vow they break, now fields and homes no longer ache.


The eighth of Lands blazed fires of fierce, words like knives in hearts they pierced.

No sound gentle played their lips, nor keys of love their fingertips.

Many a wives knew no sin when disrespecting their gentlemen,

And children from their mothers rent, breaking bonds to cause offense.

Yet He who walked with Spirit in tune played those songs who Gentleness knew.

For music has the stronger beat to cast down savage beneath its feet.

And in a measure of time it began, the transformation of this land.

Day and night his music played and to the beat the Land sure swayed,

To new sounds that did not wrench the heart in half or cause it flinch.

By the end of these steady beats was composed a great masterpiece.

Every member plays its part to produce this new and glorious art.


The ninth of Lands lacked self-control and every pleasure took its toll,

From lust to speech, food, and drink, never did they mind the breach.

Rough cut lads like Kieran Flynn always had his pints of ten,

And afterwards he never failed to scream and yell and raise up hell,

Till one dark night in early June there wasn’t even half a moon.

He who walked down dark a street upon a man so badly beat,

Picked him up, the battered soul, to carry home and nurse till whole.

Every morn new healing came through body, spirit, mind, the same.

When this man was well again he said, “My name is Kieran Flynn.

You saved my life and gave my spirit purpose and now all will hear it.”

Kieran grew great and spoke to many, watering the land with words of plenty.

So every lad heard story true and in the center new life grew.

Now the time at last arrived for He who walked, His spirit revive

From death of flesh to life above, soon He would depart His blood

The rhythm of His well trained feet ceased upon the path once beat.

He lay down in pastures green and in that moment His soul was free,

Upon the mountain in the west now all alone His body rests.

Not one eye was there to sight the man who gave his life to fight,

But on that hour in every land the sky turned dark crimson red.

Heaven opened up their arms to welcome home a precious charm.

And never did one soul forget that Man who walked his life to live.

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