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     The beauty of relationship is almost indescribable. Where would we be without our fellow members of the human race. It is easy to look around at all of the relationships in our lives that have gone wrong or are now non-existent: Friends, Parents, Siblings, Lovers. It’s a painful world out there but I believe the good always outweighs the bad. If you don’t feel that way you simply need to change the point of your focus to something positive in your life. By focusing on that one positive point you will find  many blessings you never even realized because you were blinded by your unthankfulness. Despite the many relationships that may have left you scars I challenge you to look around at the relationships you have to be thankful for that have helped you heal, even if that wasn’t the sole intention. Relationships are medicine to the heart. We all need one another in one form or fashion.

Form: Because relationships take all different forms. There is the mother-daughter, father-daughter, sister-brother, sister-sister-in-law, friend-friend, husband-wife, co-workers, co-worker-boss, grandparent-grandchild, aunt-nephews!!!!!  And that is only a few. There are plenty more. Each form of relationship is different in some way, yet they are all relationships to be thankful for. 

Fashion: Because we all have a unique personality and a manner in which we do things and hold relationship with each other. You might be my friend and the fashion of our relationship looks very unique compared to the relationship of me and my mother, or me and my husband. They are all unique and created for a purpose. God knew what he was doing when he created people and the power of relationship. 

I find it utterly amazing the power you can unleash when you start standing with other people. Together big things can happen. Cities are built not simply by one man. Wars are fought, weddings are celebrated, children are born, the Gospel is spread…these things happen only when two or more people come together in relationship. It’s a beautiful wondrous mystery that we should enjoy and take advantage of. Don’t neglect the relationship of your fellow men. Be thankful that you are not alone in this world but can go down the street to your local grocery store and have relationship even with those employees or fellow shoppers. Open your heart to them and see where God can take those people and use them in your life, as well as you in theirs. 

Learn to love and be loved!



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The Brontë Sisters

The Brontë Sisters are simply amazing, and when I say simply I mean they were quite simple girls growing up in a very plain and impoverished home (if I might say so). But that fact did not weigh upon their talents to a negative degree. If anything it allowed their talents to flourish for the writing of many great poems and novels. Charlotte Brontë is my favorite authoress and my writing roll model, apart of course from my favorite fantasy writer John Ronald Reuel Tolkien whom resides on my highest and dearest praise pedestal of (fictional) writing in all of history. But I must not get carried away with the brilliant Tolkien for this is about the Brontës.

As I was saying, Charlotte’s Jane Eyre is a must read for ALL. It is a beautiful masterpiece of truth and life. It gives you hope and makes you love; Her characters make sure of it.

However, it is really Wuthering Heights I would like to address in this post. I have just finished the book a week or so ago and it is still ringing in my ears. I recently read a quote that stated, “You write what you know.” and as a writer I can 100% agree with this statement. Emily Bronte knew all about the troubles of life/relationships and death, and this is much of what you find in her only novel. It is a great work but not for the weary hearted for it contains much animosity that makes your heart swell with hurt. But I must not only stop there because in the midst of the hurt and the pain there is a beautiful side of life that can oftentimes only be seen in such a state. It is the beauty of striving for good with your whole heart that makes the blessing heartfelt and appreciated. I applaud Emily for this description of life that gives much insight to the the world she lived in and her own personal being but also which encourages us, her readers, in this life.

As for Anne Brontë, I must admit that I have still to read her writings. If only there was more time in the day. That being said, I will forever adore each of the Bronte sisters, their writing has yet to disappoint.

Encouraged Reading:

Jane Eyre — Charlotte Brontë

Wuthering Heights — Emily Brontë

The Tenant at Wildfell Hall — Anne Brontë

Romancing Miss Brontë — Juliet Gael

The Life of Charlotte Brontë — Elizabeth Gaskell

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Hello….by the way,

What human would do that? Oh yeah, thats right, too many!

It is a thought in my mind that everything we believe is only justification for what we believe.  Love, Hate, Life, Death, Reward, Punishment etc…But really? Just take a poll and you will see…..Disgust.  What do we need?  Oh the age ole question we keep asking despite the truth.  How about  justification for our justification.  My justification calls it wrong, your justification calls it right, My justification screams it’s murder, your justification screams it’s choice.  Oh Frustration this will never cease……never……ever…ever…ever……Until….The end.

But that is not today! I will keep believing, justifying, loving, weeping, and praying for True Justification, for we are all sinners!

However, I have one more question, “Would if bother you more if they used guns?”

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