Stars (cover)

Stars by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals.


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April 29, 2014 · 10:50 pm


Death for Life

The numbers brand your flesh in the glory of the earthly. Another year perished and a new one was born; a year born in Love. Love that leaves its marks by the lines on your face and on your hands. Love to proudly bear for eyes to read. 

Since where the natural body dwells so dwells the spiritual.

The flesh grows weak but the spirit grows strong.

This mystery of Love is Life not Death, the imperishable not the perishable, the immortal not the mortal, for its mystery is victory. The natural matters not, but only that the spiritual may live, even ever after the after.   

And so, a curious Beauty passes before your eyes, she stands and winks and waves. You wave back and follow her steps when she walks on. She is the hope that leads you, the hope that means death for life. She holds your gaze, unyielding. Her kisses beckon you, for they dance upon her lips, which are the grave and the resurrection. They come together to form the kiss of death and life bestowed upon your face. Drink in her sweet aroma with arms wide open. Breathe well this life.


Bodies thrive to perish, but Spirits hold life and life everlasting.


Happy 53rd Birthday, Ada.

I love you!

1 Corinthians 15 

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Keep On Singing

“Music-what a powerful instrument, what a mighty weapon!” –Maria von Trapp

Let song, let music fill your heart,

Flood your lungs,

Overflowing, it starts.

Springing forth from your tongue

Keep on singing,

The music’s begun.

Life is a song continually ringing,

Never cease to keep on singing.

Make it Joyful, make it Bright,

Give thick a smile of delight.

Join your brothers all around,

Keep on singing Life’s beautiful sounds.


How thankful I am God chose to play your song.

Thank you for singing loud and strong.

As we remember this day of your birth

Dance every day in your song of worth.

Happy Birthday


I love you



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 Heartless bastard pays no mind

Desires only what’s inside.




Give him drink, give him warmth

Sing his heart in dreams go forth.


Cause him smile, cause him laugh

Swell his heart in whole not half.


Lay him down on soft a bed

To rest his weary drunken head.


Watch him close his eyes and fade

Say goodbye to him betrayed. 

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Sweetly Broken

Pictures by Victoria Ripple (All In Ireland)
Music is played/sung by Caleb Ripple
(I am playing the drums)
We sang this song at church a few weeks before we went on our trip to Ireland back in Oct of 2009!

Sorry for the poor sound quality!

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October 16, 2013 · 4:51 pm

A Hot Sun

The sun fused my body to an old dusty coffin

I met death in an instant

The light’s rays were my soul’s deliverance

Every gleam gave the hope of life to my spirit

My bones were scorched dry with affliction

But my spirit was birthed anew

In the light of my nature

I was destined to blaze the earth. 

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A Cold Rain

The rain enveloped my body in a tight knit cast

I could not hide myself

The sky was a minefield and I was its prey

Every drop that fell my body led me closer and closer to my end

My bones rattled with every blow

And to my mind sanity was lost

In the tumult of nature’s course

I was doomed to repeat the curse.



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